About Us

Hello. Welcome to the VintageAd, one of the biggest advertising companies in the e-commerce world. We are really glad that you want to get to know us better. Because after all we need you to crowd our influence, you need to gain extra money too. Then get to know us better. After all, we will know you because of your success.

Vintagead.com website works on advertising, earns its revenues from the advertising packages it receives from the contracted companies and premium customers, and provides advertising services on its own platform. The company has gained a good place in the advertising world with its well-equipped and experienced team over 10 years.

Our goal is to reach larger masses by considering new technologies based on the future, as it has been until today. With the support of developing technologies in this way, we have chosen to take our business one level further and bring in people and companies that work with and contribute to us. From now on, every institution or individual working with us will be able to extend the advertising life without paying too much money with commissions from the people and companies that registered after them. As a matter of fact, not to spend more money, you will have supported the platform we have created even if you do not know one or another at the global level.